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Your Estate Plan

An estate plan is a series of legal documents outlining how you want your affairs managed after you pass away.

last will and testament


The primary purposes of having a will are to provide for the distribution of your property after death and to designate a personal representative to see that your wishes are carried out.

A will may also be used to appoint a guardian for your minor children. 

person signing a document


A power of attorney allows you to give someone the authority to manage your financial affairs if you cannot make decisions on your own. It also allows you to appoint someone to make health care decisions for you when you are not able to.

Without a power of attorney your family may have to initiate legal proceedings, which can be expensive and time consuming.

people who trust one another


Purposes of a living trust include controlling assets after death, avoiding probate (ensuring privacy), providing for disability, and providing benefits and protection for minor children.

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